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The London Coffee Festival #ldncoffeefest, always a highlight of our event calendar, did not disappoint.

This year we got to go with the peeps over at Black Lab Coffee in Clapham Common. They’re one of Londons best boutique coffee houses and frequently come out high in the rankings. Theres always something interesting and new as well as your old favourites along with awesome fresh made paninis and pastries.

Highlights at this week festival include:

Green and Black Ice Cream in mini cones!


Alchemy’s giant slow brew cold coffee machine.


Delectable Portugese custard egg tarts by Nata Pura.

egg tarts


Delicious Espresso Martini’s

espresso martini

…and lots and lots of great coffee…


Heres the full gallery!



So last night was utterly wonderful, quite literally. We attended a Future Cinema live cinema event for Who Framed Roger Rabbit and what a night to remember! From having to call up a bloke to get the password, to entering through a mysterious back alley way only to reappear into a grand 40s movie theatre . It was every bit the Ink and Paint Club. I’ve never more felt like I was walking into a movie. We managed to get a seat at the table at the end of the stage (it was reserved for Eddie Valentine and I had to step away while they did they’re bit). Jessica Rabbit picked me up by my tie and I fainted. Roger Rabbit was dancing on the bar. It was all amazingly well done! ♥ Future Cinema


Check out the FaceBook Gallery Here

Who Framed Roger Rabbit Future Cinema Who Framed Roger Rabbit Future Cinema Who Framed Roger Rabbit Future Cinema Who Framed Roger Rabbit Future Cinema Who Framed Roger Rabbit Future Cinema roger-46 Who Framed Roger Rabbit Future Cinema



What a weekend!

Two events in two days is a new record, although one being ‘breakfast’ for the other was handy.

First up was AngelHack 2013.

It was one heck of an event, held at the Bloomberg HQ here in London, it pitted around 100 people to form multiple team of ‘hackers’ to develop new ideas. Most were software ‘hacks’, some were hardware ‘hacks’, and a few others a bit of both. All were interesting and entertaining though. From the Egg Incubator,  Virtual gold with you phone (makes for an intersting insurance claim I bet), to the winner Projektor (a universal projector interface, which came in handy).

Check out more about the event at the AngelHack website here and click-the-pic below to get taken to the event gallery.


Angel Hack 2013

The Winners ‘Projektor’ Celebrate their win to San Francisco!