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We’ve been on vacation. Check back soon to see pics from our Asia 2014 extravaganza. India – Nepal – Hong Kong.

Taj Mahal


The folks over at Top Gear have some fairly inspiring and truly epic road trip adventures both on and off the screen.

This months edition of Top Gear Magazine, celebrating its 20th Anniversary, celebrates those adventures and more – including one of our own!

Within its pages you’ll find my own photographical contribution to the world of ‘epic auto adventure’ detailing one such road trip in Iceland whereby I encountered glorious roads, a wonderful culture, and breathtaking landscapes of active volcanoes and towering glaciers. One such glacier nearly claimed my life and left me naked on the side of a mountain! (Personally I blame Loki)

Luckily, the Gods of Old Norse mythology chose fit to spare me, but took my camera as payment. Hopefully they took some great pictures.

You can read about the adventure in this months edition of Top Gear in ‘how Top Gear changed my life’ and also read about it in more detail including  some more pictures from the trip itself here on our site.

How Top Gear changed my life my Iceland adventure TGcover photo2