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Hindu weddings are perhaps the longest and most ostentatious of any weddings I’ve photographed. This gets dialed up to 11 when a tv show, namely Band Baajaa Bride (one of the most popular in India), gets involved. I ended up taking thousands of photos over the days long celebrations but here is one of the highlights.

Shivani dressed like royalty at her photoshoot. Sporting a designer Saree by Sabyasachi and couture jewelry she look every part the Goddess.


More to come!


It was a fantastic weekend and my oldest friend (we met on the first day of Elementary School) Chris Zielonka married the resplendent Vee.

I was on groomsman duties and wasn’t able to cover the wedding as I would normally but I brought my camera and took some pictures all the same.

Given this would be man of polish ancestry marrying a woman of Punjab decent the theme of the wedding was East meets West. This gave me the wonderful opportunity to wear my Punjabi again and dance like I was possessed by the spirit of the monkey God Hanuman himself.

You can check them out at our facebook page here but we here are a few highlight shots for your enjoyment.


Beautiful Bride

Beautiful Bride

Henna HAndiwork

Henna Handiwork

Bride and Groom

Bride and Groom


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