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It was a fantastic weekend and my oldest friend (we met on the first day of Elementary School) Chris Zielonka married the resplendent Vee.

I was on groomsman duties and wasn’t able to cover the wedding as I would normally but I brought my camera and took some pictures all the same.

Given this would be man of polish ancestry marrying a woman of Punjab decent the theme of the wedding was East meets West. This gave me the wonderful opportunity to wear my Punjabi again and dance like I was possessed by the spirit of the monkey God Hanuman himself.

You can check them out at our facebook page here but we here are a few highlight shots for your enjoyment.


Beautiful Bride

Beautiful Bride

Henna HAndiwork

Henna Handiwork

Bride and Groom

Bride and Groom


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So, apparently THIS is now possible.

Well, sorta…

Superman Crystals may be a ways off but scientists working at the University of Darmstadt, Germany managed to ‘trap’ light for up-to a minute in a super positioned crystal. That’s pretty crazy first of all, telling ‘hey light, your going too fast, chill out for a minute’ but the scientist went one step further. They stored DATA in the light, an image of three stripes. This opens up the door to quantum communications. “What does that mean?” you ask. See above.

If that’s not enough, well, researchers, led by Jingyu Zhang from the University of Southampton here in the U.K., successfully recorded a 300KB digital copy of a text file onto nanostructured glass in 5D using ultra fast and intense pulse laser.

Whats more the recording lasts for infinity and can even survive a lava bath at 1000c.

So your next wedding photography shots could be presented to you on your own crystal. Memories that would last more than a lifetime.