Cameras are expensive. We all know that. Like, really expensive right?

Actually not really…

Professional grade cameras have come down on a ‘bang for your buck’ or ‘real price’ basis a great deal over the last 15 years.

The digital revolution is largely to thanks but so to are new production technologies. This means that today you can buy a pro-grade camera that can make great images for around 1/10th the price of you could 10 years ago.

Thats not to say you can’t pay more for better. Leica have been building camera since 1849. We’re talking pre automobiles here – and they’re still building great quality products today, for those with deep pockets that is (like, really deep).

I know what your thinking right now. “Man, I just have too much money. This sounds great!”.

If thats you and your also in the market for a world benefiting tax evasion tactic new camera you too may be interested in the new Lecia one off for RED charity auction.

How much will it cost? £10,000? £50,000? That would be ridiculous right? It can’t be that. Well, your right…This one of a kind is going for five – hundred – thousand – bucks.

Thats £320,000 (give or take a 2004 Honda civic or so)


Image courtesy of BBC

Check out the story here from the BBC

Think thats pricey? Thats not even a quarter of the value the most expensive camera in the world sold for. Again, its our friend Leica to the rescue.

David Douglas Duncan’s 1923 Leica O Series camera sold for $2.19 million in an auction in May 2012.

Here it is.