The London Coffee Festival #ldncoffeefest, always a highlight of our event calendar, did not disappoint.

This year we got to go with the peeps over at Black Lab Coffee in Clapham Common. They’re one of Londons best boutique coffee houses and frequently come out high in the rankings. Theres always something interesting and new as well as your old favourites along with awesome fresh made paninis and pastries.

Highlights at this week festival include:

Green and Black Ice Cream in mini cones!


Alchemy’s giant slow brew cold coffee machine.


Delectable Portugese custard egg tarts by Nata Pura.

egg tarts


Delicious Espresso Martini’s

espresso martini

…and lots and lots of great coffee…


Heres the full gallery!



Hindu weddings are perhaps the longest and most ostentatious of any weddings I’ve photographed. This gets dialed up to 11 when a tv show, namely Band Baajaa Bride (one of the most popular in India), gets involved. I ended up taking thousands of photos over the days long celebrations but here is one of the highlights.

Shivani dressed like royalty at her photoshoot. Sporting a designer Saree by Sabyasachi and couture jewelry she look every part the Goddess.


More to come!


We’ve been on vacation. Check back soon to see pics from our Asia 2014 extravaganza. India – Nepal – Hong Kong.

Taj Mahal


So last night was utterly wonderful, quite literally. We attended a Future Cinema live cinema event for Who Framed Roger Rabbit and what a night to remember! From having to call up a bloke to get the password, to entering through a mysterious back alley way only to reappear into a grand 40s movie theatre . It was every bit the Ink and Paint Club. I’ve never more felt like I was walking into a movie. We managed to get a seat at the table at the end of the stage (it was reserved for Eddie Valentine and I had to step away while they did they’re bit). Jessica Rabbit picked me up by my tie and I fainted. Roger Rabbit was dancing on the bar. It was all amazingly well done! ♥ Future Cinema


Check out the FaceBook Gallery Here

Who Framed Roger Rabbit Future Cinema Who Framed Roger Rabbit Future Cinema Who Framed Roger Rabbit Future Cinema Who Framed Roger Rabbit Future Cinema Who Framed Roger Rabbit Future Cinema roger-46 Who Framed Roger Rabbit Future Cinema


Congratulations Seattle Seahawks! Heres a shot we took a while back in 2010 of the beautiful city of Seattle.


It was a crazy night, a Monster Mash, you might say. Okay you probably wouldn’t.

Check out the pics at the link!


Recently on a trip to Ireland we stumbled across this abandoned church. It was originally built about the early 11th century but has been abandoned for many years…

It was spooky and surreal place. Replete with cawing Ravens, cracked tombstones, and hollow stained glass window coves.

We only had time to take a few iPhone snaps and here they are.

Happy Halloween!


haloween-2 haloween haloween-3




Last week we covered NME’s night at KOKO. American four piece SAINT MOTEL headlined as part of their UK tour with support from MORAIN.

We’ll be posting pictures from this weeks upcoming Halloween ball soon.

To check out photographs from the concert click the photo below.

TFT Photography Concert Photogaphy




Pictures of things up close are not only educational, they’re really cool!

Taking pictures of the world from this unique perspective is even cooler.

Unfortunately this sort of technology is quite expensive . Similar off the shelf versions costs hundreds of pounds.

This guy nocked his together for just $10 (not including the smartphone of course) and now you can too.

Thank you Instructables!


Cameras are expensive. We all know that. Like, really expensive right?

Actually not really…

Professional grade cameras have come down on a ‘bang for your buck’ or ‘real price’ basis a great deal over the last 15 years.

The digital revolution is largely to thanks but so to are new production technologies. This means that today you can buy a pro-grade camera that can make great images for around 1/10th the price of you could 10 years ago.

Thats not to say you can’t pay more for better. Leica have been building camera since 1849. We’re talking pre automobiles here – and they’re still building great quality products today, for those with deep pockets that is (like, really deep).

I know what your thinking right now. “Man, I just have too much money. This sounds great!”.

If thats you and your also in the market for a world benefiting tax evasion tactic new camera you too may be interested in the new Lecia one off for RED charity auction.

How much will it cost? £10,000? £50,000? That would be ridiculous right? It can’t be that. Well, your right…This one of a kind is going for five – hundred – thousand – bucks.

Thats £320,000 (give or take a 2004 Honda civic or so)


Image courtesy of BBC

Check out the story here from the BBC

Think thats pricey? Thats not even a quarter of the value the most expensive camera in the world sold for. Again, its our friend Leica to the rescue.

David Douglas Duncan’s 1923 Leica O Series camera sold for $2.19 million in an auction in May 2012.

Here it is.